Digging out all this memorabilia made me think about the occasions I met Camel. Following gigs at DeMontfort Hall in Leicester, I twice met the band. In 1978 during the Breathless tour some friends and I hung around at the stage door after the gig and were invited inside. We shared some food and wine with the band - what a fantastic treat for a 14 year old! They were all so friendly and chatty.

Then after the ICSYHFH tour the following year, we again met them back stage (when they signed my small leather stuffed Camel!!) - and that is when Kit Watkins asked me one of the fundamental questions about Camel - that is, why is their symbol a dromedary and not a Camel at all?????? (a Camel has 2 humps) I certainly didn't know the answer - maybe you or Shane could enlighten the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since that time, Camel have remained my favourite band, and probably always will.


Comment from Rajaz:

Does anybody know what Kit Watkins was on about? I simply thought that a one hump Camel was known as a "Dromedary" and a two hump Camel was known as a "Bactrian". Any more thought or facts anybody?

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