Camel Hero ~ Tom Brislin

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Tom Brislin ~ Camel Reflections

Hello Shane and Allan,

Thanks for getting in touch with me. I'd be happy to say a few words to the Camel fans from around the world:

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's been over a year since my brief yet very fun experience of performing with Camel. I was called in to play keyboards with not much time to prepare, but Andy, Colin, and Denis were very welcoming, and an absolute pleasure to play music with.

The Camel fans were very welcoming as well! I met lots of great folks at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, The Bottom Line in NYC, NEARfest in my home state of New Jersey, and at the Birchmere in Virginia. I was also grateful that my band, Spiraling, had the opportunity to play for Camel's audience at the Birchmere. I invite you all to visit me on the web at , and feel free to say hello any time.

Thanks and peace!

Tom Brislin

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Tom's Latest Work with Spiraling
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The latest release from New Jersey-based modern rock group Spiraling. TRANSMITTER features the single "(Get your own)Holy Grail", "The Connection", and "(I don't want to)Grow Up", as well as new recordings of fan-favorites "Lightning Twice", "This Is The Road" and more.

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