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Michael Munday ~ Camel Reflections


and of course good wishes to all!

I've designed and illustrated album & cd covers & posters & stuff for Camel since 1978 (I initially did a version of Raindances on spec (rejected!) then actually got paid for Breathless.

I'd met Andy Ward in his flat next to mine in Blackheath in 1969 and we'd got on really well. I don't remember much more.... (sixties memory).

Then I met the band and the rest is history - they got me in (thanks Andy) for meetings and I'd talk about my peculiar ideas for album covers and they'd talk me out of them. For a while I shared a house with Andy & some other people until the other people threw me out for being a disruptive presence (moi?).

I'm nicer now. Still designing all sorts of stuff and illustrating.



Oh - I forgot to mention.... my bands!

Ska Toons - I play guitar and sing with an eight piece ska/jazz/funk outfit playing in the South East of England. Very jolly! and The Hofners - anywhere between 2 and five members - playing (acoustic) blues & swing stuff from the 20s on, and (electric) classic rhythm & blues.

Oh, and The So-Called Michael Munday Sextet (I didn't choose the name - see?) - me singing jazz standards with some of Ska Toons & others. Hey ho. You don't really want to know this, do you?



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