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Mae McKenna ~ Camel Reflections

'' Hello loyal Camel fans.

I met Andy and Susan through Ultravox's tour manager and I remember enjoying the sessions on 'Dust and Dreams' very much. I particularly remember how warm Andy and Susan were and how open they were to my ideas for the harmony parts. Later when Andy had the concept for 'Harbour of Tears' it made sense that he should contact me again as I had started off in Celtic music and my own music always reveals a strong Celtic influence. This time, we made use of digital technology and Andy allowed me to record Irish Air in my own home studio (that's trust for you) and I then sent it on a DAT tape to him in America where he integrated it into the rest of the album.

Camel have had an amazing career and left a tremendous musical legacy, long may it continue.

Love Mae McKenna

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Mae's Latest Work
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Shore to Shore
Mirage and Reality
An exciting new acoustic departure from Mae McKenna. Almost completely organic, Mae has again broken new ground by intertwining the American bluegrass and mountain music traditions with the celtic/folk she knows so well. Recorded in Nashville, TN and Edinburgh, Scotland, there are some fine performances on this album, notably from Fiddler/Mandolinist Randy Howard who sadly passed away recently
Re-Released 2000 Mirage and Reality (1991) was Mae's second CD release continuing on the Celtic/New Age ground that Nightfallers pioneered. It received good reviews at time of release,

Mae McKanna is the sister of Hugh McKenna of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band Cousin of Ted McKenna - Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher, Michael Schenker Band. Cousin of Jeannie Lamb - Jazz Singer

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