Camel Hero ~ Kit Watkins

Picture sent to Rajaz by Kit Watkins

Kit Watkins ~ Camel Reflections

Hello Shane,

Thanks for your kind e-mail. Please feel free to post the following message from me:

"Hello and best wishes to all the international Rajaz visitors. I have fond memories of my years with Camel. It's great to see so many people who appreciate the work of this fine band." -- Kit Watkins,

Thanks so much,

Kit Watkins

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Kit's Latest Work
Available from
Flying Petals by Kit Watkins
Progressive world-fusion. New release for 2004! “. . . as intriguing for the depth of compositional talent as it is for beautiful sound design and monster grooves.” —Keyboard, May 2004
Guard Lock Skin by Tone Ghost Ether
The gargoyle-induced world-fusion CD from Tone Ghost Ether ~ eerily comforting, somewhat mesmerizing, and hauntingly beautiful

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