Camel Hero ~ Denis Clement

Picture taken by Rudolfo Vera at Camel's Farewell tour

Denis Clement ~ Camel Reflections

I joined Camel in 2000 just before the Rajaz Tour. I didn’t know much about Camel before Andy's call and it all happened very quickly. Andy was short of a drummer for the upcoming tour and called me and wondered if I could be there the morning after! I couldn’t come over straight away because of my engagements here, but travelled down to San Francisco a couple of days later. On the plane going there I learned three songs; Three Wishes, Song within a song and Echoes (the three firsts songs of the setlist from the Rajaz tour). When I got to San Francisco, Andy picked me up at the airport and we went straight into the studio. We played the three songs and Andy asked me straight after if I wanted to play with Camel! We did a few weeks rehearsals and then we went off to tour.

My first real Camel experience was the first concert of the tour in S.F.. To me it was magical and I was amazed by the level of excitement that Camel brings.

From my point, Camel's music is very well made and challenging to play and it has been great to tour with such a professional team. On top of that, playing with Camel has meant making really good friends. Touring like we did means spending a lot of time together. I have some great memories and many laughs with Andy, Colin, Ton and the crewmembers from the tours. I have also really enjoyed meeting Camel fans all over the world.

I live in Canada and am playing drums as a freelancer, with jazz artists, soul music and latin. I also work a lot as a studio musician recording albums with other artists and jingles for television and radio. My webpage will be launched very soon, so look out for that!

I would like to thank all Camel fans for all the magical moments, and I’m looking forward to seeing you out there again soon.


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