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David Bedford ~ Camel Reflections
Hello and lots of good wishes to all Camel and Snow Goose enthusiasts - I think it was one of the very best albums I was ever involved with. Indeed, there are many people who still talk about it with affection, admiration and immense enthusiasm. What I enjoyed as far as doing the arrangements was that the lads gave me total freedom - mostly bands wanted strings, but I used all sections of the orchestra - strings woodwind and brass.

I've not done many arrangements recently, but am concentrating on my own compositions - basically what I was doing before I got into arranging and playing in Kevin Ayers. I had some success last year with an orchestral version of 4 songs from Pet Sounds.

In the 90s I was doing music workshops in a hostel in the crypt of a church for ex alcoholics. one man had shown no interest in what we were doing until he came across my name on his favourite album - The Snow Goose. From then on I could do no wrong and he actually learnt to read and write music and even to do some composing.

The Power of Music!

all the best

David Bedford

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