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Picture taken on Camel's Farewell tour by John Vis

Colin Bass ~ Camel Reflections

Dear Shane and Allan,

thanks for the mail. Sorry for delay to reply. I have been moving house lately and in the ensuing chaos am very behind in all communications.

Anyway, I just visted the site and enjoyed it very much. The links to the concert photos from various venues is a good idea and i enjoyed looking through the images. Seeing those from the spanish gigs brought back particular memories and I wondered how many of the fans noticed that we were suffering some severe health problems on that leg of the tour. Over a period of four days 9 members of our touring party of 11 succumbed one by one to a mysterious and particularly malevolent virus causing violent and eruptive stomach upsets and knocking all victims sideways. Poor Ton was the first to go in Madrid and then, rather in the manner of an Agatha Christie novel or the film "Alien", the body count began to rise. In Bergara Ton was feeling rather better but Denis and backline tech Josh were bearing the full brunt of it. I wondered that night how Denis found the energy to get through the set but he did so admirably and promptly collapsed into a heap immediately afterwards. By the time we reached Barcelona the next day, he was feeling decidedly better but the Virus had turned its attention to Andy and myself. Throughout the Barcelona gig we were finding it very difficult to stand up, but I was quite proud that we managed to get through it and turn in a performance that pleased the amazing crowd there. I seem to remember, through a semi-comatose state, that some were a little disgruntled that we only played one encore but I hope they would have understood if they had seen the scene backstage with both of us stretched out and feeling very undynamic, as it were.
But I guess that's what you might call rock'n'roll or showbiz or whatever and the show did indeed go on. By the time we reached Paris two days later we were getting back into form.
Anyway, just a small story - every picture tells one, they say.

Keep up the good work on the site.

All best,

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Colin Bass
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Colin's Latest Work
Available from kartini-music

Colin Bass
An Outcast of the Islands

Colin Bass
In The Meantime
Remastered version of original album with 3 bonus tracks: Poznan Pie recorded during the album sessions and featuring Andrew Latimer on guitar, previously only available on a Polish single release, and two (now) official bootleg recordings of Burning Bridges and As Far As I Can See recorded on the "acoustic" tour in 2000 featuring Zsbyszek Florek, Maciek Meller, Jacek Zasada and Emilia Derkowska.

"Bass has developed into an outstanding composer and singer... following on from the first album by seeking new sound worlds without forgetting the past".
Eclipsed magazine, Germany

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