Camel Hero ~ Anthony Phillips

Ant at Trident Studios, 1979
Photo by Robert Ellis, originally featured on the inner sleeve of Sides

Ant Phillips ~ Camel Reflections

I was only briefly associated with Camel -really as a''glorified'' session man. I met Andy Lat. - who lived close to me - and we got on really well and tried writing a lot. It was great fun but virtually none of it fitted into the Camel style. Andy was experimenting with many different angles but, understandably, ended up reverting to the traditional Camel ambit and was also being pushed at that time (as we all were!) into shorter, more ''single-orientated'' pieces. Hence the album title...! We did a lovely sort of slow rock ballad/hymny instrumental track that inevitably got dumped..!

All that survived of the compositions was ''End Peace''. I was asked to go on tour but, having left Genesis because of stage fright, was naturally flattered but dubious!

Andy was fantastic company - very funny!- and a superb guitarist.We worked spasmodically on a few things after that but times were changing and, whilst I was having to switch my main area of musical activity to TV music, Andy was realising that HIS future lay in the US. So, alas, we never developed any of our many ideas - except for some theme music that was used for many years as titles for the European Golf Tour!

We've since always talked about a Snow Goose meets Geese and the Ghost-though many more people would know Snow Goose ! - but nothing as yet has happened ! Andy has continued to turn out excellent albums - I particularly liked Dust and Dreams - and the band always sounded superb live.I miss him and wish him the best for the future !

Anthony Phillips, London, September 2004

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Ant's Latest Work
Available via

Archive Collection Volume 2

Compiled by Anthony Phillips & Jonathan Dann
A 2 CD selection of previously unheard pieces and variations recorded between 1971-1988


Ant made reference to this album in his "Reflections"
Also available via

The Geese And The Ghost

First released: March 1977
Re-issued on CD by Passport Records in 1988 and Virgin Records in 1990
The Virgin CD re-issue of the album includes an extra track - a demo version of "Master of Time" recorded in August 1973.
Produced by Simon Heyworth, Anthony Phillips and Michael Rutherford

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